The City of Denver divides Greater Park Hill into three distinct neighborhoods: 

  • North Park Hill 
  • Northeast Park Hill 
  • South Park Hill 

So why does the city make these distinctions, anyway? 

While the Greater Park Hill area shares many similar traits, each neighborhood has its own unique personality that sets it apart. 

In this article, we’re taking you through all three Park Hill neighborhoods to give you a better idea of what makes each area special. 

What’s your favorite part of town? 

Let’s find out! 

North Park Hill 

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North Park Hill was ranked the #2 neighborhood in Denver in 2020 by Niche for its nightlife, diversity, and outdoors activities, to name a few. 

The neighborhood also boasts an especially low crime rate, along with housing availability under the $500,000 mark—which is no small feat in Denver. 

It’s also home to McAuliffe International School, one of the top-rated public schools in Denver, and Colorado as a whole. 

North Park Hill is the largest by both population and area as compared to its South and Northeast sister neighborhoods, offering a charming residential space primarily featuring 1950s ranches on average-sized lots. 

Bike lanes are a staple in North Park Hill, with bikers trekking down three of the neighborhood’s main thoroughfares: 

  • East 23rd Ave 
  • East 26th Ave 
  • Martin Luther King Boulevard 

Residents of North Park Hill use these bike lanes for an easy cruise west to City Park or Downtown Denver, as well a quiet ride east towards Stapleton. 

Dining options are highlighted by Bistro Barbès on E. 28th Avenue, offering French-Middle Eastern cuisine that is absolutely to die-for. 

It’s clear that North Park Hill has got some pretty awesome features, making it one of the most desirable neighborhoods in all of Denver. It’s Colorado living at its peak! 

Northeast Park Hill 

The Blazing Chicken Shack is one of Northeast Park Hill’s best local food spots!

The oft-forgotten of the three sistering neighborhoods, Northeast Park Hill receives high rankings in night life, diversity, and public schools. 

Northeast Park Hill is ranked #55 on Niche’s Best Neighborhoods in Denver, primarily due to concerns over crime and safety and cost of living. 

While crime rates are higher than North and South Park Hill and average rent exceeds $1,200, Northeast Park Hill is still home to tons of great bars, restaurants, and parks. 

Some of the most touted restaurants include: 

Additionally, it’s the most diverse of the three sister neighborhoods, making it highly attractive for those looking for a little extra dose of culture in their Park Hill living experience. 

South Park Hill 

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South Park Hill is one of the most desirable places to live in all of Colorado, capturing the #1 ranking in 2020 for Denver neighborhoods

And South Park Hill homeowners pay for what they get. The average median home price is $567,268, making cost of living the biggest knock on Denver’s top-ranked neighborhood. 

With easy access to downtown, extremely high safety ratings, and a relaxed, suburban feel, it’s no surprise that people are willing to pay the price to live in this vibrant region of the city. 

South Park Hill is also notorious for its architectural diversity, marked by Johnson & Wales University’s Denver Campus. 

The neighborhood is an ideal place for families to settle down without sacrificing a move all the way to the suburbs. 

Toss in vibrant commercial corridors on East Colfax, East 23rd Avenue, and Oneida Street, and you have a truly unique and special neighborhood that has something for everyone. 

Check out Tables right off of East 23rd and Esters in Oneida Park for some of the best dining in all of Denver—no joke. 


When it comes to the Greater Park Hill area, you can’t go wrong with any of these three sister neighborhoods. 

While Northeast Park Hill might not boast as high of a ranking, there are still attractive benefits such as lower cost of living and high diversity for young people. 

And when it comes to settling down, there is no better place to buy in Denver than North and South Park Hill. 

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By: Jack Berning