Denver’s variety of eclectic neighborhoods gives the city it’s diverse personality. 

While there are undoubtedly a ton of great places to live across the Denver area, North and South Park Hill have yet again stolen the show. 

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According to, a Pittsburgh-based website that ranks schools and neighborhoods based on public data, South Park Hill and North Park Hill rank #1 and #2 in Denver. 

The rankings were constructed using multiple factors, including: 

  • Housing trends and affordability 
  • School quality 
  • Health and Fitness 
  • Crime Rates 
  • Commute Times 
  • Employment Rates 

Let’s dig in a little bit further and find out why Park Hill is such an outstanding place to live. 

Why Park Hill Topped the List 

Park Hill is known for its great public schools, healthy community members, and low crime rates. 

While commute times and employment rates were largely skewed in 2020 due to the effects of the global pandemic, many of Park Hill’s community members retained economic security. 

Property in Park Hill remained strong in 2020. Check out some of these notable statistics: 

North Park Hill

Median Home Price: $409,801

Median Rent: $1,594 

Approximately 89% of North Park Hill residents owned their property, while 11% rented. 

South Park Hill

Median Home Price: $567,268

Median Rent: $1,132 

Approximately 81% of South Park Hill residents owned their property, while 19% rented. 

Park Hill’s wide variety of homes housed about 18,000 people in 2020, most of which were owners who have lived in the community for quite some time. 

Although both North and South Park Hill received a ‘C’ grade for cost of living, no other area of interest received below a ‘B-’. 

The strongest category in both communities was their ‘A+’ ranking for nightlife, thanks to all the great bars, restaurants, and coffee shops in the Park Hill area. 

Check out the full rankings for both South and North Park Hill here: 

Niche grade for South Park Hill
Niche grade for North Park Hill

Denver Neighborhood Rankings Fluctuate in 2020 

While North and South Park Hill managed to hold on to their rank atop the list of best neighborhoods in Denver, many of Denver’s other iconic neighborhoods saw quite the shift. 

Capitol Hill, for example, moved up nine spots in 2020 to be ranked #4 after its ranking at #13 in 2019. 

Congress Park also moved up eight spots to #3 after being ranked #11 in 2019. 

While Capitol Hill and Congress Park benefitted from a significant jump, other neighborhoods such as downtown and Hilltop weren’t so fortunate. 

Downtown dropped a whopping 14 spots from #7 in 2019 to #21 in 2020. 

Hilltop also saw a massive drop, tumbling from #10 to #25, barely holding on to their spot on the list of Denver’s Top 25 neighborhoods. 

Although communities like Capitol Hill, Congress Park, and Park Hill have reason to be proud of their improvement, COVID-19 and civil unrest are undoubtedly partially responsible for a drop in urban areas like downtown. 


It’s no secret that Park Hill is one of the best places to live in Denver, and Niche’s 2020 rankings back it up. 

Although cost of living in Park Hill is high, night life, good schools, job security, and health and fitness considerations make the area a great place to live for any urbanite looking to be close to the city with more of a sparse suburban feel. 

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By: Jack Berning