The Park Hill Veterinary Medical Center has had a busy start to the New Year—welcoming anywhere from 5-10 new pet patients a day.

So, why the sudden uptick? 

Americans are going crazy for ‘pandemic puppies’ and ‘corona kittens.’ In fact, 33% of people in the U.S have considered fostering or adopting a pet during quarantine.  

If you’re part of the ⅓ of us who have gone fur crazy and you know you’re ready to adopt a pet, check out these three worthy shelters near Park Hill to find your next best friend. 

And don’t forget—even if you’re not looking to get a new pet—there are tons of great ways to donate your time and money! 

Demi’s Animal Rescue – Denver Metro Area

Demi’s Animal Rescue never discriminates against any animal in need—opening their doors to any breed, age, or special care. 

They’re out to solve the pet homelessness problem worldwide through adoption and pet retention, and they have some awesome candidates up for adoption right now, like Kevin

Bring Kevin home with you to Park Hill!

You can also donate to Demi’s Animal Rescue or volunteer. Who knows—a little volunteer work might give you an excuse to put some jeans on! 

PawsCo – Denver Metro Area 

PawsCo is a large group of volunteers who have unified to make a collective impact on pet homelessness and pet treatment. 

They’re a nonprofit dedicated to helping animals through: 

They currently have some really special furry friends in need of a home, including a bulldog-lab mix named Dax

Dax would LOVE to live with you in Park Hill!

Make sure to check out how you can get involved with the awesome effort over at PawsCo, and add them as your charity of choice on Amazon! 

Denver Animal Shelter – 1241 W. Bayaud Ave. 

One of Denver’s largest shelters, Denver Animal Shelter does everything from pet adoption to lost pets, animal protection and vaccination services. 

There are so many ways to get involved with Denver Animal Shelter. Or you could just adopt Jared

Jared would love to sunbathe in your Park Hill home!

Did you know that black cats in particular are the most frequently seen color of cats in shelters? 

Don’t get caught up in superstition! Black cats are the luckiest little guys and gals around. 


If you’re thinking about adopting a pet this winter, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons

And when you’re ready to find a new best buddy, whether it be cat, dog, or something in-between, support a local shelter near Park Hill if you can. 

And if you don’t need a new addition to the family right now but are looking for ways to get involved helping local animals, volunteering is always needed and available. 

Whether you’re adopting or you’ve already found your best friend, Park Hill pet owners know that although riding out the pandemic has been tough, our fluffy pals have made it just a little bit easier. 

By: Jack Berning