North Park Hill

North Park Hill Homes For Sale

Est. 1887

North Park Hill offers a charming urban-inspired residential space, primarily featuring 1950s ranch homes on average-sized lots. Know for it’s especially low crime rates, top-rated public schools, and outstanding nightlife, North Park Hill is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in all of Denver. North Park Hill is decked out with bike lanes to allow for easy travel west to City Park or Downtown Denver, in addition to a quiet ride east towards Stapleton. North Park Hill is also known for its storied history of diversity, as it was the first integrated neighborhood in Denver. The neighborhood has a longstanding reputation as being an inclusive and eclectic neighborhood to settle down in a more residential setting without losing easy access to all the great energy Denver has to offer. Looking for a quiet Sunday afternoon spent on your porch? Great. Want to head to head out to find some action in the local scene? Go for it. Unique, community-driven, and beautiful, North Park Hill is one of the best neighborhoods to live in all of Denver!

Things to Do In North Park Hill

Never a Dull Moment!

There are tons of things to do in the North Park Hill neighborhood, providing every weekend with the opportunity for adventure. A bikers paradise, you can take a ride to Denver’s famed City Park for a picnic, or head the other direction to find the Stapleton Farmers market. The City Park Golf Course, The Denver Zoo, and The Denver Museum of Nature and Science are all right on the western border of North Park Hill, making for unique options that will entertain the whole family. At night, head out to one of North Park Hill’s many renowned restaurants for a bite to eat and a cocktail, or take a quick 10 minute drive downtown to catch a Rockies game or to explore the Denver Central Market. You’ll never run out of entertainment options in North Park Hill!

Trees, Trees, Trees!

Experience Natural Living

The North Park Hill neighborhood is notorious for its collection of numerous, large, and shady trees. With the tradition of trees starting in North Park Hill with the “City Beautiful” campaign in the early 1900s, the community hasn’t looked back since. Not only do trees contribute to the larger sustainability vision of Park Hill and Denver as a whole, there are many benefits that come from living in a tree-full neighborhood. These include reduced energy costs, combatting overheating of city streets, and mental health benefits. Research shows that people exposed to areas with good canopy cover experience a third less psychological stress– and let’s be honest– we could all use a little bit of extra help toward discovering relaxation! The tree cover is especially beneficial in the summertime, when Park Hill averages lower temperatures by 2-4 degrees as compared to downtown, simply due to tree cover. Who knew that trees could do so much towards contributing to a happy and healthy life? It’s shady living at its finest!