The city of Denver is infamous for it’s vibrant nightlife, and is the perfect place for a special night on the town with your person. 

In this article, we’re giving you 7 awesome date night ideas so that you can make the most of your love in the Mile High City in 2021. 

From must-visit restaurants to lively parks to awesome concert venues, you’ll never run out of things to do! 

Let’s start making some plans for Friday night! 

1. A Trip to the Speakeasy

Heading to a Speakeasy is a unique Denver date idea!

The roaring 20s are officially back — and Denver has an eclectic variety of secret bars that will ignite the inner flapper in you. 

Sure, you could head out to your usual spot, or you could make the night a real treat by visiting The Cruise Room at The Oxford Hotel for a jaw-dropping cocktail. 

Denver’s longest running bar, The Cruise Room was opened in 1933 right after the end of prohibition — and has been leading the Denver bar scene ever since. 

2. Discover a New Brewery

Denver has a wide selection of breweries for your date night!

Every Denverite knows that there’s no shortage of Coors Light in the Mile High City, but when it comes to Denver date night ideas, sometimes it’s nice to spice (or sour) things up. 

We’re not talking about acting sour — that never makes for a good date — we’re talking about a sour beer from a local brewery that specializes in revolutionizing flavor. 

Check out this list of breweries to find one near you. And if one of you doesn’t drink, you’re sure to find some locally sourced kombucha and awesome food! 

3. Sunset in the Park

Denver has tons of great parks for a classic sunset date!

We could probably make a list for Denver date night ideas just with the city’s parks, with so many awesome options available. 

Some of our favorites include: 

All of these parks offer awesome trail systems and a multitude of sitting areas to take in the beautiful colors as the sun sets behind the Rocky Mountains. 

Pack up a charcuterie board and get out there! 

4. Catch a Concert

Nothing better than a concert in Denver!

Everybody knows that Red Rocks provides some of the best entertainment value in the entire world — but what about some of the local concert venues right in the heart of the city? 

There are awesome bands that funnel through Denver on a nightly basis, and in many cases, you can walk right up to the ticket window and catch a show on a whim. 

Check out some of these venues and their schedules to capitalize on your Denver date night ideas: 

5. Comedy DOES Work

Don’t sleep on Denver’s comedy scene!

While Denver isn’t necessarily known on a nationwide scale for it’s comedy scene, there are tons of comedy clubs — big and small — that are serving up enough laughs to keep you giggling throughout date night. 

Comedy Works has two locations in the Denver area, both of which attract big name touring comedians on a weekly basis. 

There are also local spots like Rise Comedy and Improv Comedy Club where you can usually find a cheap ticket — making for one of the most fun Denver date night ideas on our list! 

6. Marijuana Tours

Now you’re in the Mile High City!

You’ve probably heard of brewery tours, but what about marijuana tours? 

We are in the weed capital of the USA, after all. Whether you choose to consume cannabis or not, pot tours are incredibly interesting — and widely available across Denver. 

Check out Forbes’ list of best marijuana tours in Denver to find one that suits you. 

You’re sure to be ridin’ high with this Denver date night idea! 

7. Hit a Museum

Head to a Denver museum for an awesome date!

Denver boasts some of the best museums in the country, and if you haven’t visited them yet, it’s the perfect Denver date idea for you and your loved one. 

Here are a couple that come highly recommended: 

Nothing like a little bit of art, science, and history to get the high brow romantic juices flowing! 


When it comes to Denver date night ideas, the list could go on and on. 

We hope that these seven suggestions have sparked your inner romantic, so that you can plan a date that both you and your partner will never forget! 

And remember, no matter what you choose to do, as long as you’re with the right person, you’re sure to have a great time! 

Good luck on your dates — we’re rooting for love! 

By: Jack Berning