Park Hill Ranked #1 in Denver

Erik Carman
Published on June 16, 2020

Park Hill Ranked #1 in Denver

Park Hill was recently ranked as Denver’s best neighborhood, by both 5280 Magazine and Okay, so it was technically “South Park Hill,” but that’s a distinction that is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Guess who Niche ranked #2? North Park Hill

Niche ranked Park Hill as Denver’s best neighborhood based on a variety of factors, which you can see below. These include common criteria such as schools, crime, and housing. However, they also ranked Park Hill based on other social factors, such as neighborhood diversity. A history of discrimination and segregation is a painful stain on the story of Park Hill, but the Park Hill of today is defined by inclusivity and openness, and that was reflected in Niche’s report.

5280 ranked South Park Hill as #1 this year, and it’s not the first time they have done so. Their “X FACTOR” score accounts for things like access to open space, proximity to public transportation, and restaurant and shopping options. Interestingly, those things should improve in the coming years as City Park reopens their golf course, and the long-awaited East Area Plan, which has big changes for Park Hill, becomes a reality. These changes will include more public transportation, more retail and community-oriented businesses, and more space conducive to pedestrian activity.

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