As if #1 ranked Park Hill already didn’t have enough to boast about, some of the best cookies in Denver are about to debut right next door in West City Park at the corner of Colfax and York.

Woman-owned and coming in with an edgy urban attitude, The Urban Cookie is set to open in January at 2260 East Colfax Avenue. 

We talked with CEO and Founder Denon Moore about her journey to opening the shop in West City Park, and what her vision holds for The Urban Cookie. 

Let’s check out Denver’s newest local favorite! 

Finding Peace in The Cookie 

Amazing cookies coming to a neighborhood near Park Hill!

Denon Moore started baking cakes for her family and friends back in the mid 2000s as a hobby. It was just something to get her mind off of her day job, a way to decompress. 

But the cakes were really good, and Moore was having a lot of fun baking them. 

After ten years working as a counselor, Moore decided that it was time to start having fun everyday for work. In 2007 she opened Park Hill favorite Cake Crumbs, then sold it a decade later in 2017. 

After spending some time with the Colorado Thought Leaders Forum behind the desk for the past couple of years, Moore has decided that she’s ready to re-enter the scene. 

“I kind of underwent this personal battle between what I really should be doing with my life and what society expects of me,” Moore said. “I love utilizing my creative brain as a business owner. During coronavirus I just kind of had this ‘aha’ moment—there is no social norm. Who cares!” 

Moore’s family was always supportive in her choice to return to her calling as a baker (which is no surprise—who wouldn’t want a cookie shop in the family?), making the decision to open The Urban Cookie all the more satisfying. 

What Can Park Hill Residents Expect? 

New and classic flavors coming just west of Park Hill!

“This is not your mom and pop bakery,” Moore said. 

The Urban Cookie is bringing edge and rockstar appeal to Colfax. On a street that’s already got a lot of attitude, this woman-owned over-the-top cookie shop will fit right in. 

“Colfax was the ideal location,” Moore noted. “I wanted that eclectic, city vibe. And there’s no place better in Denver to find it!” 

Just head west down Colfax from Park Hill and you won’t be able to miss it!

As for the cookies themselves, expect to have a chance to return to your favorites or switch it up with new creations on a weekly basis. 

Every day, there will be seven hallmark cookies available. Some of these include yummy takes on classics like: 

  • Chocolate Chunk and Chip 
  • Rebellious Red Velvet 
  • Amazing Peanut Butter 

There will also be two Mystery Flavors announced every week; over-the-top and wacky creations that you can’t get anywhere else in the state (or beyond!) 

Moore did tease a concept of a Unicorn Cookie: complete with glitter, fantastic colors, sprinkles, and a unicorn horn. One can only imagine how she might go about creating it—we just know its going to taste incredible! 

Visit The Urban Cookie! 

Visit The Urban Cookie in January, Park Hill!

The Urban Cookie is kicking off the New Year by bringing something sweet to Denver, with opening day expected some time in the first half of January. 

After a turbulent 2020, it’s awesome to see a new local business bring some momentum and energy into the surrounding Park Hill community to welcome in a hopeful 2021. 

And what could be better than a punk-themed, woman-owned coffee shop right on the heart of Colfax Street? 

While so much remains uncertain about the future, one thing is for sure: there’s gonna be some craveable sweets and delectable scents next door to Park Hill this year.

Follow The Urban Cookie on Facebook to check out flavors, stay in touch about opening day, and get your mouth watering! 

By: Jack Berning