The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Living in Park Hill

Erik Carman
Published on November 8, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Living in Park Hill

Park Hill prides itself on being one of the most sustainable neighborhoods in the Denver area. 

In June 2017, Park Hill was accepted into the Sustainable Neighborhoods Program, and has been committed to cultivating a neighborhood that lives a green lifestyle. 

If you’re a Park Hill resident looking for ways to live more sustainably, look no further. 

In this article, we’re giving you the ultimate guide to sustainable living in Park Hill. You and your family can contribute to the growing dedication to sustainability in the neighborhood! 

Let’s dig in. 


Over the last two years, the Natural Resources Defense Council has launched a program called Denver Food Matters, an action plan that seeks a 57% reduction in tons of residential food waste collected by the city. 

One of the best ways to do your part is through composting

While composting might sound like an intensive process, you can easily compost your food scraps for rich gardening soil. 

If you don’t have a garden or community space for an outdoor compost pile, indoor composting is a great alternative. You can do this by purchasing a relatively inexpensive bin at your local hardware or gardening store. 

Don’t have anything to do with the soil produced by composting? 

There are several awesome programs operating in the Denver area like Scraps, that will pick up your composting bins to ensure that nothing goes to waste. 

Additionally, East Denver has several compost drop-off sites that are ready to serve your household. 

Whether you’re living in a house with a garden or a studio apartment, composting can reduce your food waste, and contribute to the Park Hill community’s commitment to sustainability!  

Indoor compositing is a great sustainability practice in Park Hill

Understanding Recycling Best Practice 

Everyone knows that recycling is the foundation of any sustainable community. 

But many recyclables are wasted due to improper recycling practices. 

Loose plastic bags, containers with food still in them (which could be in your compost bin instead!), and liquids / soggy items can slow down the process—or even ruin the entire load. 

It’s a good idea to keep a DOs and DON’Ts list on your refrigerator so that everyone in your household can make the right choices about what to recycle. 

The tricky part of recycling is that one bad apple (literally and figuratively), could ruin the entire batch of recycling. That means even if your neighbors are doing their part, you could be contaminating potentially recyclable materials. 

Recycling correctly has many wondrous benefits, including: 

  • Tons of waste saved 
  • Time saved for waste management companies 
  • Save potentially incurred expenses by incorrect recycling 
Conserve energy in Park Hill by managing your thermostat when you’re away from the home

The Little Things Add Up 

With the winter months upon us, saving energy in little ways can go a long way in contributing to a greener society. 

For example, saving energy in your household can help to reduce your energy bill and the city’s dependence on natural gas, electricity, and water. 

Energy is a necessary part of our lives. While you can’t totally eliminate your footprint, a concerted effort to: 

  • Save money on heating by managing your thermostat 
  • Conserve electricity by turning off electronics and using LED lights 
  • Optimize water use with your dishwasher and washing machine 

Can serve as modest but actionable steps towards a more sustainable household. 

Additionally, alternative forms of travel can save you and the city energy while your on-the-go. 

Electric car charging stations are becoming more widely available in the city of Denver, and with Colorado’s blessing of stunning winter weather, there will be tons of opportunity to hop on a bike. 

Forty-five degrees and sunny in December? Save energy, hop on a bike to cruise through Park Hill!

Key Takeaways 

Sustainable living requires commitment and community cooperation. 

You aren’t going to live perfectly sustainably, and that’s okay! But making a concerted effort to live a greener lifestyle can improve the health of the Park Hill neighborhood and help to save you money. 

Looking for more information? Visit Green Denver for the city’s comprehensive plan, and how you can get more involved. 

We all love Colorado for it’s refreshing Mile High air and natural wonders. It’s no surprise that the city is committed to being an eco-leader, and you can do your part! 

By: Jack Berning