Park Hill Commons: The Newest Addition to Park Hill

Erik Carman
Published on November 3, 2020

Park Hill Commons: The Newest Addition to Park Hill

Park Hill Commons serves as a gathering place for the greater Park Hill community, offering townhomes and micro apartments as living spaces, 10,000 sq. ft. worth of small office suites, and fourteen retail shops that include local favorites such as:

The development has been built as a part of a 2018 land swap deal near the corner of 28th Avenue and Fairfax street.

While the land swap was originally a source of controversy in the community with concerns about gentrification, an endorsement from Denver Parks & Recreation officials and a commitment to making Park Hill Commons a space for everyone to come together has made for a beautiful addition to northeast Denver.

“Park Hill Commons is unique because we are looking to bridge the gap between old and new,” Community Director at eVelo Properties Nina Khosravi said. “With a lot of new people moving into the neighborhood, along with families that have been here for decades- we are hoping to offer a destination where everyone feels at home.”

Park Hill Commons Adds to the Fun on Fairfax Street

With tons of walkable amenities and a public park, Park Hill Commons is proud to be a leading gathering space in one of the most flourishing neighborhoods in Denver.

“We heard a lot from the neighborhood when the building was under construction about locals being sick of having to travel to different neighborhoods to go to eat, shop or grab a drink,” Khosravi said. “With House of Hair and Long Table paving the way, we are excited to join in on the fun on Fairfax street.”

Responding to members of the Park Hill community, plans include the addition of two more restaurants, a wine bar, a locally owned co-op art gallery, a coffee shop, and much more.

All but five of the large retail spaces and three of the micro-retail spaces are fully operational. There are also townhomes and studios available for move-in today!

No matter what you’re looking for— Park Hill Commons has got you covered.

Park Hill Commons Joins a Vibrant Neighborhood

Park Hill Commons is the latest addition to Fairfax Street— one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Park Hill.

In addition to the many amenities and retail locations provided on the Park Hill Commons campus, Long Table Brewing sits on the corner of 29th and Fairfax in a renovated 1920s building.

The space has seen many changes throughout the years: from a Piggly Wiggly to a coffin manufacturer— and is now happily occupied as a home for craft beer for good neighbors to gather.

The seven barrels of the brewhouse are on display in the taproom, with seven additional fermentation tanks housed in the basement.

There are also other several retail locations right across the street from Park Hill Commons, including a bike shop that will keep you cruising through the neighborhood.

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By: Jack Berning