Listings With Video Receive 400% More Inquiries

Erik Carman
Erik Carman
Published on August 27, 2017

403% more, to be exact. That’s according to a recent study on the use of video in real estate marketing.

Video is the latest craze in online marketing for every industry, with 1/3rd of internet use dedicated just to watching videos. 

So why aren’t all agents using video top market their listings? Currently only a fraction, 4%, of real estate agents are utilizing video to market their listings. The simplest answer is that the average Realtor in the US is 53 years old. So while most agents posses years of valuable experience, the majority (over 90%) may lack the expertise to market real estate in a growing world of social media and online video engagement.

Over the next decade, we will surely see a shift to video for real estate marketing. However for the time being, homes with quality video ads are seeing significantly more action than those without.

Here are some examples of videos I’ve created to market Park Hill real estate and homes around Denver. You’ll find they are under 60 seconds, as data shows that nearly all video content on social media performs best under 60 seconds.

Scroll to the bottom for a video on what demographic targeting on Facebook looks like!


And Here is a video with some examples of what the back-end looks like when targeting demographics on social media.

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-Erik Carman