Friendly neighbors and family fun are one of the many benefits of living in Park Hill, Denver. Every summer, various sections of the neighborhood get together to cook, drink and play games under the sun.

If you’ve thought about throwing a party on your block this year, here’s an easy guide on how to do it.

1.) Register for a permit with the City of Denver: This is free to do, and only requires signatures from 75% of your nearby neighbors, and/or a notice if they are not available. You’ll find the signature sheet at the bottom of the Denver Block Party Registration PDF


2.) Get Road Barricades: Barricades will be required for your block party, to keep cars out of the street while you party! You’ll need one set for each end of the street, as well as some additional smaller barricades if you have an alleyway running though your block.

A set of barricades can be obtained from a rental company like Chair Rental Co. for about $40 for the weekend. Make sure you reserve them a week in advance.

Also, during Denver Days in the first week of August, the City of Denver will provide you with street barricades for free.


3.) Fun stuff: Many neighbors in Park Hill choose to rent a bounce castle for their block party. The nearest, most affordable option for a bounce castle is Big Air Jumpers, whose bounce castles start at around $180 for the day.

You can also rent a bounce castle with an attendant and insurance from Fun productions located in North Park Hill, starting at $550 for four hours.


4.) Food & Drinks: Coordinate a pot luck with your neighbors. Home-made food always tastes better than the stuff from the store!


Hopefully this guide will inspire you to throw your own Park Hill block party. If you have any questions, let me know!

-Erik Carman