After another long winter in the Mile High City, spring has officially sprung across the front range! 

While every season in Denver brings something special along with it, there’s nothing like the warming weather, blooming foliage, and longer days that spring provides. 

And you can take full advantage. 

In this article, we’re giving you 7 of the best spring activities in Denver so that you can experience all the incredible offerings of the city! 


We thought so! Let’s dive right in. 

Colorado Rockies Game 

Rockies games are a timeless spring activity in Denver!

It’s no secret that catching a Colorado Rockies game at Coors Field provides some of the best vibes around. 

We certainly missed The Rockies in 2020 due to the pandemic, but the team just announced that capacity for opening day (April 2nd vs. The Los Angeles Dodgers) will be 42.6%.

That means this spring more than 21,000 fans will be able to visit Coors Field for a game! 

While The Rockies aren’t thought to be much of a contender this year, win or lose, it’s a great way to pass a night in LoDo. When it comes to spring activities in Denver, a classic ballgame should be at the top of your list! 

Denver Botanic Gardens

Did someone say spring activities in Denver? The Botanic Gardens are a must-visit!

Is there any time of year that visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens isn’t a great option? 

And there’s no better time than the spring. The bloom is officially underway, making for a perfect outing with the family or date with that special someone to catch the flowers! 

Located just behind Cheesman Park in southeast Denver, it’s easily accessible to every neighborhood in the Mile High City! Don’t miss out. 


For a more domestic spring activity in Denver, try gardening!

Looking for a spring activity in Denver that keeps you active around the house? 

Believe it or not, growing at altitude is entirely possible — making for an awesome opportunity to introduce fresh fruits and veggies into your meal planning. 

Because the spring can be a little bit cooler, the best things to grow are typically: 

  • Leafy green vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, spinach, chard) 
  • Herbs (parsley, mint, oregano) 
  • Other assorted veggies (radishes, beets, onions, turnips, leeks) 

If you might be interested in gardening, visit this comprehensive guide to growing at altitude! 

Explore Breweries 

Warmer temperatures mean outdoor brewery opportunities!

Is there anything better than a locally made craft beer to call in the spring? 

The Mile City is famous for its many breweries, giving you endless opportunities to explore new ones every weekend. 

You could also set out on a microbrew tour to discover new hot spots. It’s a great way to get a taste of Denver on foot and pass a spring saturday! 

Free Days at Denver Art Museum 

Free art? Sign us up for this spring activity in Denver!

Been living in Denver for a while, but never got around to visiting our acclaimed art museum? 

You’ve finally found your excuse. 

For an awesome spring activity in Denver, visit on a ‘Free Day’ coming up: 

  • Saturday, March 27 to Friday, April 2 
  • Sunday, April 25 

And while you’re visiting, make sure to stick around and hang out in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood

Red Rocks Concert 

Red Rocks Concerts are BACK!

Although Red Rocks Amphitheatre technically falls outside of the Denver city limits, we couldn’t leave it off of our list. 

The Mile High City couldn’t be more pumped to have the greatest venue in the world open again for spring concerts! 

Check out the concert schedule here

It’s finally time to bring the groove back to Denver after we missed the season in 2020! 

Go to Every Park 

Cheesman Park in the Capitol Hill neighborhood!

Springtime in Denver isn’t complete without a visit to these amazing parks: 

  • City Park 
  • Cheesman Park 
  • Congress Park 
  • Washington Park 
  • Confluence Park 
  • Sloan’s Lake Park 
  • Jefferson Park 

With unique features at every stop, you’ll be awestruck time and again! Not to mention, it’s a great way to explore parts of the city that you wouldn’t normally visit. 

Endless Spring Activities in Denver! 

Here’s to all the great spring activities in Denver!

We hope that this article has been helpful for you as you come up with activities for spring recreation in the Mile High City! 

We’re so excited for all that’s to come as we move forward from the pandemic. 

Here at Park Hill Pro, we’re dedicated to being your resources for all things Denver-living. 

Check out our blog to discover more great tips and insights.

And most importantly, have an awesome spring in one of America’s best cities!