It’s official: Denver is the tail-wagging capital of the West. 

With more than 158,000 dogs across 99,000 households, Denver ranks in the top 10 of dog-populated cities in the world

For context, there’s more fur babies in the Mile High City than actual babies, with only about 140,000 children living in Denver, according to the latest Census estimates.

If you’re visiting this article, you probably have a woofer of your own who you’re looking to wow. 

And if you’re up for a little travel, these destination open spaces could be a game-changer. 

Here are the three Denver area dog parks that’ll help your hound blow off some much needed steam. 

Greenland Dog Park

Location: Larkspur (1532 Noe Road) 

Cost: Free 

Hours: 1 hour before/after sunrise and sunset

Ever been to Larkspur, Colorado before? 

Located between Denver and Colorado Springs, this tucked-away town off I-25 is an exit you’ve probably driven by but never noticed. 

But it’s time to change that. We’re kicking off our list of best Denver dog parks with this hidden gem about 30-40 minutes from Denver. 

Greenland dog park is a wide-open wonderland between mountains and buttes that stretch further than the eye can see. There are two fenced-in areas that allow for off-leash exploring, as well as the 11-mile plus train system that connected the Town of Larkspur and Palmer Lake. 

This is the perfect Saturday or Sunday afternoon destination for you and your pup. There’s enough action to find furry friends, but also enough breathing room not to be overwhelmed by crowds. 

Westminster Hills Dog Park 

Location: Westminster (105th and Simms) 

Cost: Free 

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 

Looking for ample space for off-leash play? Search no further than Westminster Hills, which provides a whopping 420 acres of fetchland. 

This Denver dog park is more about the space than the features and is best visited in the cooler months. With very few trees and a small pond, the real treasure of this park is the expanse of the land. 

Take your dog deep into the open fields and let ‘em run! The peace and relaxation you experience will be just as rewarding as the exercise for your dog. 

Do keep in mind that the park has only partial fencing, so it’s critical that your dog is voice trained. 

If you have the energy, check out more of the 15,000-acre Colorado Hills Open Space. Just remember to have your fluff on a leash in the designated areas! 

Chatfield Dog Park 

Location: Littleton 

Cost: $10 per visit (or annual pass) 

Hours: 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Chatfield’s State Park’s dog park is a 69-acre puppy paradise, located off the Wadsworth exit of C-470. The park is extremely well maintained with multiple ponds, gravel trails, and sidewalks to explore. 

Bring a tennis ball along to chuck into open fields or just let your dog explore in the bushes and water features. Their noses are sure to uncover some exciting treasures! 

This park can accommodate a large number of visitors, but keep in mind that it’s part of a state park, and without a season pass, entry lines can be significant on the weekends. To speed up wait time, buy a park pass and get waved right through! 

Cherry Creek Dog Park Area 

Location: Aurora 

Cost: $11 per visit (or annual pass) 

Hours: 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

Is your dog a water lover? 

Then the first place to check out is the 107-acre off-leash dog park located in the southeastern corner of Cherry Creek State park. 

This splashing scooter’s paradise can be crowded, so try to visit during off hours, such as early morning, later in the evening, or mid-week during working hours. 

There’s plenty for the hooman (you) to explore, too. Once you’re in the park, you can put your dog back on the leash and walk along the surrounding trails and wildlife area. 

Just make sure you hold on to the leash tight, your pupper is sure to be lunging for squirrels, rabbits, and birds on the trail! 

Conclusion and Reminders 

When it comes to exploring Denver dog parks, the bounty is boundless—and it’s important to respect the spaces and other visitors. 

That means having your dog under voice control, bringing waste bags, and disposing of waste in the designated areas. 

Always be aware of licenses, leave your dog’s collar on, and carry the leash. And make sure your furry friend is up to date on their vaccinations! 

Happy exploring!