Park Hill in October can be beautiful, but it’s also a busy time for the area’s most elusive predator: the squirrel.

While a nuisance throughout most of the year, Park Hill’s squirrel population becomes especially troublesome in October, when they devour all of the pumpkins. After taking the time to pick and cut your own halloween pumpkin, it can be really disheartening to wake up the next morning and see there is no pumpkin left.

Here’s are some DIY methods for keeping Park Hill’s squirrels off your pumpkins:

Make it Spicy 

Combine cayenne pepper powder with some hot sauce, water and oil in a spray bottle. Spray the Pumpkin thoroughly, repeat several times a week. Squirrels hate the spicy scent and should leave your pumpkins alone. You can also sprinkle cayenne powder around the base.

Use Vinegar

It’s been said that pouring vinegar around your pumpkin to create a scent barrier can deter squirrels from wanting to approach it.

Rub it With a Dryer Sheet 

Some have claimed that rubbing your pumpkins with a dryer sheet will leave behind a smell that squirrels find unappetizing, leaving your pumpkins untouched.


I’ve actually tried doing this before, and it appeared to make no difference. Perhaps squirrels in other parts of the country don’t like hairspray, but not in Park Hill.

Good luck!

-Erik Carman