Kid-Friendly Events in Denver for the Whole Family

Erik Carman
Published on July 20, 2023

Kid-Friendly Events in Denver for the Whole Family

Going out looks a lot different when you have kids that tag along with you. Fortunately, you can enjoy kid-friendly events in Denver no matter what time of year it is, and some of them are even free! 

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular and creative kid-friendly events in Denver happening this month!

lubovlisitsa / Pixabay

Joy Park Free Night at the Denver Children’s Museum

Finding kid-friendly events in Denver is easy when you look for places that cater to kids! The Denver Children’s Museum has been a sight to behold since it first opened—and a favorite among families. Inside this venue, parents, guardians, siblings, cousins, and everyone in between can learn and grow together. Fortunately, on this day, they can also attend for free!

When is Free Day?

July 21, 2023, from 4:00 to 8:00 PM (and every third Friday of each month until September)

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Flight of the Butterflies 3D

With the arrival and completion of the brand-new Infinity Theater, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is presenting the Flight of the Butterflies in  3D all season. Giving you a close and personal look into the lives of butterflies, this all-ages film takes you on an incredible journey that will keep the family talking all night long. This is one of the kid-friendly events in Denver that is educational and engaging!

When is the Flight of the Butterflies 3D?

Every day at 1:45 PM at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

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Lyte Sky Lantern Festival

As long as you don’t mind extending bedtimes for the little ones, this beautiful and imaginative festival is a great event for families. Children will love being a part of this mesmerizing event, which follows the launch of beautiful lanterns into the sky on a dark night. With this event, kids will be thrilled to stay up late, join in on the fun, and watch this magical display.

When is the Sky Lantern Festival?

July 22, 2023

BjoKib / Pixabay

Toddler and Me Art Class with Grace Noel Art

Hosted at her studio, this event by Grace Noel is perfect for creative families seeking kid-friendly events in Denver. Designed to give you and your toddler the opportunity to make fond memories and a beautiful art project too, this class is a great and cost-effective way to spend time with little ones. Strong bonds, laughter, and plenty of beautiful colors are waiting for you at this event!

When is the Toddler and Me Art Class?

July 28, 2023, at 734 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204

igorovsyannykov / Pixabay

Film on the Field at Stanley Marketplace Presents Top Gun & Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun has been popular for generations, and the thrilling follow-up to the original is officially here. Both are going to be playing out on the field this summer! Perfect for getting the family together for a movie on a giant blow-up screen, this film event surrounds you with delicious food and drinks for a whole night of fun. This event is ideal for slightly older children due to the nature of these films.

When is Top Gun Playing at Film on the Field?

July 29, 2023, at the Stanley Marketplace
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