Park Hill Pro:

Park Hill Pro is a real estate website that provides useful information for Buyers & Sellers in the Denver area. Powered by  iHomes Colorado , Park Hill Pro provides market data and insight on the best neighborhoods of Central and East Denver.

Erik Carman:

I love real estate, and it’s potential to enhance life. I’m not just a “dream home” Realtor. I believe owning a home should be a positive financial investment as well as a place that you love coming back to. It’s easy to fall in love with the allure of a home’s features, rather than it’s value. My goal is for my clients to understand the value of the homes they buy and sell and the different aspects that could affect the value of each property. I’m lucky to live in one of Denver’s greatest neighborhoods, Park Hill. If you have any questions related to Denver real estate, or it’s historic neighborhoods, please feel free to ask!  

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